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Fitness 101

A website for self improvement

Fitness 101 is a website setup by fitness enthusiasts, with the aim of creating a useful resource of information based on their experiences and expertise. We hope that the content proves to be interesting and valuable to anyone interested in self improvement either through training, healthy eating or lifestyle changes. We would also encourage readers/visitors to actively participate through comments and discussion.

The Fitness 101 content and writers

The content has been split between into a number of distinct categories based on your interests including general fitness, nutrition, health, muscle, sports, weight loss, useful tools, videos as well as special offers on fitness supplements and equipment.

The content of the site is provided by a number of regular writers, as well as a number of guest writers and bloggers. These range from the average person keeping a weightloss diary to professional trainers and athletes. Although the main focus of the site is around fitness, we’re also very interested in overall health and well being to improve every day life.

Become a Fitness 101 guest writer

If you would like to write for Fitness 101 then we would love to hear from you. You can find out more on the write for us page of this website.