Yummy Mummy to be
Before I had my baby I imagined pushing a pram wearing high heels, my hair coiffured, nails done and lots of lunches with other yummy mummy’s. The truth is I barely bother to brush my hair and life is far from glamorous. Don’t get me wrong I love my baby and am not unhappy with the situation, it is just a far cry, wail and wean from what I had envisioned.

I am looking forward to Baby J’s first birthday in January, and in March it is my 30th birthday. What I would like is to look good for a night out, get rid of my kangaroo pouch and feel confident in my body again. As an ex model I have always taken care of my appearance but carrying and giving birth to a 9lb 2 oz baby boy took its toll on me and my old clothes are hanging up in the wardrobe gathering moth balls.

This year I want to get in shape, get rid of the muffin top and be a yummy mummy!

So where do I start?

I had a big baby and put on 4 stone during pregnancy, a lot of this was water and baby but after baby J was born I fell into the trap that I could eat whatever I wanted while breastfeeding. This is not the case – in fact you only need an extra 200 calories a day if you want to lose the baby weight which is the equivalent of a large banana.

I then resigned myself to my new body shape, making excuses such as my hips are bigger, I am a curvy Mummy and the rolls of fat are badges of honour for having a beautiful baby boy. I also felt slimmer as for the past few months I had a huge pregnancy bump so the fact I could see my feet made me feel quite slim. All of these factors meant I just let myself slip but not any more.

I managed to lose a lot of the baby weight by doing the first 30 days of P90X – in fact I lost 15 lbs in 30 days and felt loads better for it but then reaching my target rate I lost the motivation and gave up. So now I am going to restart the P90X program and finish with the aim to get toned and in shape for my birthday in March.

I am going to blog about my progress including photographs, training schedule, diet and fitting it all in with a baby/toddler!