maximuscle cyclone

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Cyclone is an all in one protein shake designed by Maximuscle, aimed at providing the customer with a convenient single shake instead of having to take multiple supplements.

It provides rapid support for gains in lean muscle and strength, and is used by millions of gym goers everyday, as well as a whole host of professional athletes from MMA fighters to rugby players.

Each serving contains 230 calories, 30g protein, 21g of carbohydrates and 4.68g fats (which includes MCTs [Medium Chained Triglycerides] and EFAs [essential fatty acids]), but also contains a whole host of additional key ingredients including:

  • Creatine Monohydrate [5.1g]
  • Glutamine [5.1g]
  • HMB (Enzymatic Metabolite of Leucine) [1.5g]

Maximuscle recommends taking 2 servings of Cyclone per day, 1 in the morning and 1 immediately post workout. This provides 460 calories, 60g protein, 10g creatine, 10g glutamine and 3g of HMB per day, providing your body with all it needs to build and maintain some serious muscle.

I first came across Maximuscle Cyclone back in January 2010. I was looking for lots of individual ingredients and costing everything up, such as protein powder, creatine and glutamine. At the time I was also suffering with bloating as a result of an ongoing lactose intolerance problem, so I was looking for products that were either lactose free or minimised the amount of lactose used. When I read up on Cyclone I was impressed with my findings, and although it worked out more expensive than purchasing everything separately in bulk and adding them manually, there is a lot to be said about convenience when it comes to working out and sticking to a programme. I was a bit put off by the cost at first, but after some further research found it online for a more competitive price (you can buy it over 25% cheaper than the RRP [£29.99 - £32.99 including free delivery] here at BodyShapersFitness) and decided to give it a try. Here is what I thought.

Maximuscle Cyclone: Quality of ingredients

There are a lot of All in One Supplements out there, and they all claim to be the best and differ quite widely in price. One thing about Maximuscle is that they are a trusted and well known brand, and the quality of the ingredients speak for themselves. They use biomax whey protein (no low grade proteins, good for people that have trouble with lactose, bloating or stomach problems), as well as big portions of Maxpure creatine and Glutamine. While looking for competitor products, I didn’t find any that could match Maximuscle Cyclone like for like in terms of it’s ingredients.

Maximuscle Cyclone: Taste

Having been taking protein shakes for years as well as using a lot of Maximuscle products, you kind of get used to the taste. I have tried Maximuscle Cyclone in 3 flavours so far, including strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. Vanilla was a huge mistake. I found this very difficult to consume, and afterwards it left me feeling a little sickly with the after taste. The strawberry was much better. I wasn’t a huge fan of the taste, but once consumed it was done and dusted. As for the chocolate, I’m a huge fan of this flavour! Some people have commented that it’s got a chemical taste to it, but I really like it. About 10 minutes before the end of my workout I actually start thinking about it as I start to look forward to drinking it, so I’ve stuck to chocolate so far. I always find reviewing the taste for products quite difficult though as everyone’s personal preferences are different.

Maximuscle Cyclone: Mixability

Compared to most protein shakes this mixes really easily in a shaker. I’ve never had any problems with lumps/clumps or anything else unlike some other brands, however it doesn’t mix completely. There is a slightly “gritty” texture to it, but I much prefer this than lumps. For a creatine based supplement though it mixes really well.

Maximuscle Cyclone: Value For Money

Each 60g serving of Maximuscle Cyclone is made of 1.5 scoops (3 scoops per day), so the average size tub of Cyclone 1.2kg has 20 servings, which will last 10 days. At the RRP of £43.99 for the 1.2kg tub, this works out at £2.20 per serving (£4.40 per day) which is pretty pricey by anyone’s standards. Other options are available if you buy bigger tubs or buy in bulk; see the RRP table below:

Container size Servings RRP Price per serving
840g 14 £31.99 £2.29
1.2Kg 20 £43.99 £2.20
2.7kg 45 £84.99 £1.89

Supplement websites such as BodyShapersFitness BodyShapersFitness offer discounts for buying in bulk on top of the already reduced costs, so a good supplier like this can really save you a lot of money. In terms of value of money, it is expensive, but on the other hand you’re definitely getting what you pay for. If you’re serious about gaining muscle then it can be expensive, even without supplements, and this product can definitely help you get results.

Maximuscle Cyclone: Results

One thing no one can argue about with this product is that it definitely gets results, and it gets them quickly. After 10 days I could definitely notice a difference in my shape, and felt much stronger in the gym. After 21 days I had put on about 6lbs in weight while still maintaining 15% body fat, so I was really impressed with the lean gains I had achieved. One thing worth noting is that I achieved these results following the guidelines of 2 servings per day. When I used Maximuscle Cyclone again about 6 months later, I took just one serving per day immediately post workout and used another protein drink first thing in the morning (a cheaper alternative in an attempt to save money!), and I didn’t get anywhere near the same results. Looking online and reading the reviews from other users, it is clear that Maximuscle Cyclone will definitely get you results, the biggest issue seems to be that people resent the price.

Final score

Overall we have scored Maximuscle Cyclone 4 out of 5. The only things that let it down for me are the taste (although I love the chocolate flavour I struggle with the others) and the price tag, but you get what you pay for and the fast results are proof of this.