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This is a guest post written by Dan Storren, owner of the Fat burn furnace and a number of other popular fitness and muscle building websites.

Burning fat is not easy for most people, and it requires workouts, strict diet and discipline. However it doesn’t have to be so: there are several tips that if applied can highly contribute to smooth fat burning with less effort no self-starvation. In this article we will describe several of those tips.

Multi-Joint Exercises are Better for Burning Fat

Compound exercises are very effective in burning fat and helping you change fat into muscle. Fat burning exercises such as Squat, Pull Ups, Dips and Bench Press are very efficient as they work several muscles in the same time, causing your body to speed up its metabolism. By speeding up your metabolism your body will burn more calories and turn more fat into energy, thus making you fitter and leaner. So instead of doing bicep curls, just do few intense sets of multi-joint exercises and you will see those extra pound disappearing.

Do Intense Workouts

It was shown in studies that intense weight workouts are just as effective in burning fat as aerobic, but they require half the time to achieve the same results. Doing workouts with high intensity until the point of muscular failure improves your strength and make you burn more fat in half the time required for an average aerobic workout. It will also lead to more growth hormone in your body that contributes to faster muscle build. Our female readers need not worry: you will not become buffed using this workout routine, as female levels of testosterone are considerably lower so muscle growh is inhibited.

Drink Green Tea Twice per Day

By drinking green tea one can boost the metabolic rate significantly and burn up to 270 more calories each day without doing any change in aerobic routine. Green tea helps you burn more calories and also has many health benefits that protect your body and cardiovascular activity. Make sure not to drink more than 2 cups per day, and drink the last cups 6 hours before you go to sleep at the latest.

Eat Complex Carbs

Complex carbs help you gain consistent energy to your body, and are not turned into fat. Complex carbs are harder to digest, therefore the body does not turn them into fat and you can eat more of them without gaining weight. Instead of white bread or pasta, eat beans, whole rice and whole grain bread.