Red Wine Prevents Breast Cancer

Last week The Journal of Women’s Health released a study showing that women who drank 2 servings of red wine a day had a decreased chance of developing breast cancer. The effects of red wine mimicked a similar effect caused by a proven drug in circulation that prevents breast cancer from returning after treatment.

This is good news in theory as it gives women the license to have a glass of wine a night, even 2! However this only applies to red wine as a similar test was carried out on white wine which showed different results. However professionals still advise that to much alcohol is not advisory and definitely no binging, so ladies, no storing up your red wine quota for the weekend and then polishing off a few bottles with your friends.

Alcoholic drinks, such as white wine, which actively promote the conversions of androgens into eostrogen. Androgens are predominantly male hormones such as testosterone (the male hormone). As a womans life goes on the levels of oestrogen can increase the chances of developing breast cancer.

Red wine acts differently to that of other alcoholic beverages in that it prevents androgens from converting to oestrogen, this is similar to how the preventative drugs called aromatase inhibitors, work. These inhibitors are prescribed to women who have already been diagnosed with breast cancer to prevent the cancer coming back.

Unfortunately it is not the alcohol in red wine that causes this effect on the female body, the magic ingredient is actually in the grapes that are used to make red wine and from this the same ingredient can be found in grapes, grape seed oil and grape juice. However another ingredient found in red wine, resveratrol (a phtochemical) has also been shown to prevent many other diseases.

Before everyone goes out and buys gallons of red wine the results are only from a small study, however the results are still positive. The study was carried out using 36 women of an average age of 36, they all got to drink eight ounces every night of Cabernet Sauvignon red wine for a menstrual cycle, they then detoxed for a week before starting the white wine test. For the red wine test they drank the same quantity of Chardonnay each night for the same duration.

Cedars-Sinai’s Heart Institute and Medical Center conducted the research and found that the women who drank eight ounces of red wine daily had a different mix of seven sex hormones in comparison to the same amount of white wine. The red wine drinkers had lower oestrogen levels and higher androgen.

The researchers and testers have claimed that this is the first study of its kind that shows that red wine is a “nutritional aromatase inhibitor in healthy premenopausal women.” In other studies scientists have found that women who drank more red wine showed less breast density on mammograms, this is another factor that marks the risk for breast cancer.

In conclusion I will be raising a glass of red wine and drinking to your health and all the ladies around the world and what my mother told me years ago ‘ABC’ ‘Anything But Chardonnay’ still stands.