portions of meatloaf

Eating healthily or to meet specific goals can be challenging, but not having time to eat right shouldn’t be an excuse. A big problem I seem to have is normally lunch time when I’m at work. There are seemingly few healthy options available to me that are high in protein, and meet all the requirements of my diet. As a result I normally end up eating something I shouldn’t such as bread in a sandwich, or I end up paying a premium for my healthy eating which isn’t really affordable to do every day!

However, these problems can be easily avoided with just a little bit of planning. When I was a student, I would have a “cooking day” which was normally a Sunday afternoon, where I would make several large meals (each serving 4-6) and put them all into containers which I would freeze and eat at my convenience. This saved me a ton of money, enabled me to use portion control through measuring out all the meal sizes, and ultimately saved me a lot of time in evenings and lunch times where all I had to do was heat something up.

Above is a photo I took of a healthy meatloaf recipe from Muscle & Fitness magazine that I made last Sunday. I separated it out into 6 portions, along with 3 other meals I made on this day so I can mix and match my lunches at work this week. Although it seemed like an expensive shop buying all the ingredients from the supermarket, it actually works out at about £1.20 per serving which is a lot cheaper and healthier than anything I could have bought from town.

So if you’re having difficult eating healthily because of time/situational restrictions, try planning out meals for the week and cooking them all up on a Sunday, ready for the week. If you’re not too keen on this idea, then when you do cook consider making larger portions and saving the excess (i.e. if you usually cook for 2, try cooking for 4 and saving the 2 portions for lunches). This can sometimes be easier for some people, although it gives you less options for lunch as you tend to have the same lunch as the dinner you had the previous night.

Try it, and see if it works for you.