oat pancake with fruit
Image from Super Healthy Kids

As it’s pancake day, I thought I would add in a healthy(ish) pancake recipe! Now I regularly have what I call “pancake Saturday”, where I make pancakes on a Saturday morning for my wife and 14 month year old boy, so although I’m no expert, I make a pretty mean pancake!

This recipe is for an oat pancake, which is more healthy than a normal pancake recipe, and I’ve also used Dove Farm gluten and wheat free plain flour, which is made from a blend of flours. Be warned though, these are a lot more filling than normal pancakes, but very tasty! You also need a bit of planning as the oats ideally need to soak for a little while. You can skip this step, but I don’t recommend it.

You will need:

1 cup oats
0.5 cups of plain flour
1.5 cups milk
1 egg
2 egg whites
Olive oil for frying

Step 1:
Add 1 cup of milk to the oats, and leave for about an hour so that the oats absorb the milk and become soft.

Step 2:
Add the remaining 0.5 cup milk to the flour to create quite a thick mixture, and then stir in the eggs which will make it a much nicer consistency. Add the milk soaked oats from step 1 to the mixture.

Step 3:
Add a tbsp of olive oil to a frying pan, on slightly lower heat than you would normally use for frying a normal pancake, as these will be a little thicker.

Step 4:
When the oil has become hot and runny, add a ladel full of mixture to the pan. Turn the pan to ensure the thinkness of the pancake is even.

Step 5:
When the mixture on the top of the pancake becomes firm (will take between 30-45 seconds), flip it over using a spatula or your pancake flipping skills!

Step 6:
Once the reverse is cooked, serve with fruit, lemon or maybe even a dash of Agave syrup!

That’s it! Using the ingredient quantities above, that should be enough to make 6-8 healthy oat pancakes. If you try it, let us know how they turn out.