get fighting fit with mma

This is a guest post written by Matt from, a specialist supplier of MMA clothing, training equipment and supporting products.

Amongst the abundant amount of sports and exercises out there, there are few that provide a better combination of aerobic, muscular and mental training. The concept of mixed martial arts is a sport that holds a considerable amount of respect to the majority of all sport and health enthusiasts regardless of whether they have ever attempted this complex art form before. Combining a mix of martial arts from across the world, it utilises core body strength, effective breathing control, sheer power and extreme agility. Due to this mix of skills, it is understandable as to why so many people take up this sport for conditioning and to tone up their body.

Joining the local MMA class will provide you with a community that will help and support your training and for a small fee; it will also provide you with all the MMA training equipment that you need in order to do them properly.

Core Strength

To develop your core strength and core muscles, using just a few of the moves and skills that are used in both the training and competitive aspect to MMA, you will soon see an increase in core stability enabling you to perform other moves much easier and this will not take long to have an effect on your abdominal muscles and lower back and legs. As the sport involves a great deal of lifting, grappling and carrying of weight, you will soon have a core that will make it much easier to control and dominate your opponent in any situation.

It is important to remember that you have to be able to support the size of your body with your core strength, meaning that if you go and do workouts just to gain bulk, it will be harder for you to get a strong core body because you will have to train it harder to cope with the extra mass. Therefore, there are several exercises which are preferred by MMA fighters to build and develop both your core strength and functional strength.

Certain exercises will require proper MMA training equipment such as pads for the kicks and punches to develop your balance and coordination as well as power and strength. One very effective piece of equipment is the lifting belt which adds extra intensity to any training session, compelling your core body strength to work even harder. Dead lifts are perfect for improving your shoulders and core muscles and will have a very positive effect on your hip movement, allowing for better explosive power.

However, there are exercises that you can do at home such as pull ups, tricep dips, squats, and push ups which will all develop key muscles such as biceps, shoulders, triceps and pectorals as well as strengthening and straightening your spine for better posture and stance. By completing 3-4 sets of high intensity workouts consisting of 12-15 repetitions in each set, you will soon burn fat and tone your body to have a core that can support your body mass and enable you to perform effectively.


Whilst having strength is an essential aspect to MMA, without conditioning training you will not last long enough to perform consistently. Going hand in hand with strength, having a good conditioning training regime will benefit both in sport and everyday life. Being able to set the pace and perform harder than ever, the tough training involved will become invaluable when in a competitive environment for any sport. Improving recovery rates it will also allow you to do more training with smaller rest periods in between.

It will also harness in the ability to perform certain skills more effectively. Agility, balance and coordination are fundamental qualities that are necessary in MMA and don’t come without a lot of hard work and discipline. Having a good strong core is the first step to being well conditioned.

Intense, difficult cardio is key to improving both your respiratory system and stamina as well as keeping you lean enough to be agile in any situation. Especially when on the ground, grappling and submissions involved very complex twists and turns that are near impossible if you are not agile enough.

Putting it all together

When combined with strength training, this will teach your body to use its muscles in unison and improve your strength and conditioning for any sport or activity. It is also important to have a healthy and stable diet as well as allocating yourself time to rest your body and muscles. If you overwork your body, it will only result in negative results to both your performance and health.