kangaroo pouch mummy tummy

New Years resolutions are had to stick to but trying to squeeze a Mummy Tummy into my pre pregnancy work clothes is the kick start I needed to get back on track with the fitness regime.

Well the week has past and I am back at work after the Christmas holidays, although as a Mummy there has been no such thing as a lie in and back to work is only part time but it was hard work getting dressed and ready to see clients. Normally my routine is a baby wipe over my face a quick brush of the teeth and if I have time I may brush my hair. However, dealing with clients mean a little bit more effort than dealing with an 11 month old baby and I even wear makeup!!

This morning my son decided to wake me up at 5.30, so considerate making sure I had plenty of time to get ready, I had set out my clothes for the morning – being the super organised person I am – hmmf, what I hadn’t done was tried my clothes on!

I found out that this morning although I am back to my pre pregnancy weight, I am a long way off my pre pregnancy shape!

I was almost in tears, sleep deprevation and the stress of my first client meeting on my own in months and clothe that don’t fit, I literally felt like the world was ending. I did of course get a grip but I felt awful all day, my clothes pinched and my kangaroo pouch had to be hidden with a suit jacket as it billowed over my trousers. I longed for my trackie bottoms :(

As mortifying as it was, it did inspire me to keep to my fitness regime. I have a few reasons why I want to get in shape and fitting into clothes is pretty high up in fact the reasons are;

  1. Confidence
  2. Fitting into clothes
  3. Being fit enough to run after Baby J
  4. Looking and feeling good out of clothes (bathing suit- you rude people!)
  5. General health and well being

Well not fitting into my clothes and not wanting to spend money on bigger clothes means working out and eating better and when I feel like a fat friday I will remember that feeling this morning of being too fat/flabby for my clothes!