10 minute trainer

This week has been very disappointing for my fitness routine, I have managed a low impact p90x routine of plyometrics and that is all. Of course I have excuses but I think it is time to face facts and rather than give up change my goals to be more realistic.

The problem I am facing is if I am at work I have a 2 hour round trip before and after work dropping my 1 year old at his childminder. If I am not at work I spend a lot of time running around after a toddler, lifting, walking and playing. These are all lovely things to be doing but at the end of the day I am so tired the thought of a 60 -90 minute intensive workout is daunting and I end up blowing it off.

Realistic Goals

When I first did the p90x program my baby was 3 months old and not moving around, therefore although I had a lot of lifting, he was a lot smaller and playing was less physically demanding. Now he is on the move and requires a lot more attention I am much more drained. It is very strange as I remember it being hard and I was very tired but even though I was still breastfeeding therefore had to incorporate this into my diet it was not as hard to get motivated as it is now.

I think another problem is I don’t look bad now, the last time I had put on weight after giving birth and was carrying a lot of baby weight, p90x did wonders for me as I lost 14 lbs in the first 30 days and toned up a lot! If you feel you look OK it is harder to use that as motivation and although I am back to my pre pregnancy weight I am not back into my clothes as I am slimmer on my arms but my belly, legs, bum and hips are still carrying excess fat.

The problem with having goals that don’t fit into your lifestyle is it is too easy to give up, therefore instead of giving up I am changing my challenge. P90x is fantastic and I hope that the knock on effect of losing weight will be that I gain enough energy to attempt this later in the year but for now I am going to try 10 minute trainer.

10 minute trainer is by beachbody the same people who do p90x so I am confident that the routines will be challenging enough to make a different. However, instead of a 60 – 90 minute workout I know I only have 10 minutes, if I feel good after that I can do another 10 minutes on another part of my body etc.

The great thing about 10 minute trainer is it looks at weight loss, fitness and toning and is easier to fit into your lifestyle. It is more targeted towards women as well and although less intense and won’t get the same results it should get enough results for my fitness to increase and shift the extra pounds.

There is also diet plans that come with this but at the moment the diet is the only thing I am sticking to so I will try to incorporate some of the diet into my existing plan.