Yummy Mummy weight loss

So close to my target weight!!

My target weight is in view and after losing a total of 21lbs the last 2 lbs seem a piece of cake, so why can’t I shift that extra 2 lbs?

I have been using the wii to weigh myself, I feel it is more accurate and using the same scales will give me a more accurate idea of my progress, as you can see from the above screen shot of my progress I lost a lot of weight very quickly and the last 5 lbs have been really hard to shift.

I think the biggest problem is I have lost my motivation this is due to the below reasons;

  • My clothes fit (excluding some muffin top and back fat)
  • I am no longer ‘overweight’
  • I rarely bother with my appearance as a Mum however this leads to panic when I do have a night out
  • Tiredness – I can’t be bothered when I have some time to myself I just want to relax not work out
  • Temptation to eat naughty foods
  • It is a higher percentage of weight loss now I have lost the weight
  • Its winter and I make excuses to use the car instead of walk


To sumarise now I have lost most of the weight I can think of a million different excuses but the main thing is that 2 lbs is not enough to motivate me into action. I am concerned that I am re starting bad habits and although I am close to my target weight I really am not close to my pre pregnancy tummy. I need to maintain a healthy lifestyle but work out a way to include more exercise, both cardio, toning and weights as this is the only way I will get into the shape I want.

This week I have been quite naughty, skipping meals and supplementing with crisps and biscuits, I have not been very active and I am worried that this attitude could be the first step to putting the weight back on.

Weigh day will tell!