Fallen off the wagon

Fallen off the wagon

Well as predicted from my complacency last week, weigh day came and I have put on 3lbs, this means I am now 5lbs from my target weight. Although I still fit into my clothes the psychological affect putting on this amount of weight in one week has been both motivational and depressing.

I feel fat

I feel fat again, even though 3lbs is not much weight psychologically I feel as though I have let myself down and feel that I look fatter in my clothes. Not helped by a bad photo my other half took of me this has caused me to be a bit more spurred on for change.

My birthday is coming u soon and we are having a family photo shoot at the end of the week and I want to look good for it so this week is going to be major hard work! I have ditched the super noodles which last week were my quick go to lunch and we have bought in lots of fresh healthy vegetables and fruit. We often have fresh fruit and veg for my 1 year old but we have extra now and my excuses are going out of the window.

With me I enjoy food and usually eat well, I have a penchant for crisps and pies but I don’t crave chocolate, cake or sweets so saying no to these is quite easy. I do like quite big portions of meat, veg, fruit and carbs so I am thinking I will need to be a bit more careful with my portion sizes and get out the kitchen scales again.

Exercise for weight loss

The most important thing for me is exercise, I enjoy it and it has always been the easiest way for me to lose weight, I have suffered from depression over the years and I find exercise is a great way to stay up beat as it releases endomorphins and increases serotonin levels.

Tonight I feel inspired to do some intensive exercise, with the support of my husband who can help with the evening tasks so allow me some time to do it. I have decided to try my own version of the p90x routines. I am not going to make up my own routines but I am using the routines I have become familiar with to fit into my own lifestyle.

P90x is very intensive and as a working Mum to a toddler I find it difficult to fit in the time and energy needed, I am not following the diet as the first bit is very high in protein and I feel I need the carbs for longevity through out the day and if I have too high a protein diet I get moody. I am increasing my protein quota by reducing my carbs slightly and supplementing meals with protein shakes after workouts. This is because I know my muscles will need the protein especially on high intensity work outs such as plyometrics and Kempo X. Protein is needed to build up my muscles so they will continue to burn calories after my work outs.

So what am I doing this week?

Monday – Kempo X

Tuesday – Chest and Back and Ab ripper

Wednesday – Plyometrics

Thursday – Arms and Ab ripper X

Friday- Legs and Back

Saturday – rest

Sunday – weigh day and re evaluate diet and routine

This is my plan and hopefully I will stick to it!