Pro Argi – 9 is a L-rginne supplement that has ben used in the fitness industry for yearsm however many people don’t realise the benefits it can have for the health, well being and weight loss for everyone.

Some studies hve shown that Pro Argi 9 can help reduce high blood pressure which in effect will have lo lasting health benefits including reducing the risk of heart disease. People who have used Pro Argi have seen a their blood pressure reduce in only a matter of days.

Pro-Argi9 Plus does not interfere with medication, however we do recommend if you are taking any medication to check with your doctor first.

The way L-arginine supplementation works is to to encourage the pituitary gland to release human growth hormone (hGH).As your body ages, hGH levels decrease. Women in particular are interested in the anti ageing properties of L-arginine as it boosts natural hGH production.


A friend tried a month’s supply and her body toned within three weeks and her mental health improved and she became more focused and less negative.