We’re big fans of the Spartacus TV series, and with the latest instalment (series 3: Spartacus Vengeance) almost half way through here in the UK, we thought we would add one of the cast training videos uploaded to YouTube courtesy of MensHealth (click to visit their YouTube channel). The physiques of the case in the program are very impressive, and it’s not surprising when you get an insight into their regimes, and the fact that some of the fight sequences take up to 8 hours to film!

The sessions are a combination of high intensity intervals, weights, bodyweight exercises, plyometrics and much more. The focus is also around “team training” for motivation which looks really interesting. Liam McIntrye, who plays Spartacus (he replaces Andy Whitfield who sadly passed away recently) talks about the training as well as the diets, which he describes as “not particularly interesting, but effective”.

“I start my day with a protein drink which is carb loaded. Then I have a chicken or beef, very clean meals with vegetables – and that’s pretty much every day.”

All the cast look in tremendous shape so it must be effective! You can catch the show on Sky TV, and it has been on air since the 30th January.