counting calories

When it comes to losing weight calorie counting can help you lose weight but I have known many women sacrifice a good meal for a box of chocolate, this is not a good way to keep you healthy even if you are losing weight.

Skinny and slim doesn’t always mean healthy your body needs certain nutrients to perform well and a healthy size 10 woman looks a lot better than an unhealthy size 8 woman.

Many diets such as weight watchers and slimming world work on this basis, this is why you get free foods or a whole meal can be less points than one bag of crisps. However if you really want to take care of your body understanding what you are eating in terms of nutrients, carbohydrates and proteins will help you keep those good habits and allow you to give yourself the odd treat as well.

Understanding what you should be eating and why can really help you change your outlook on food and make a real lifestyle change rather than yoyo dieting following instructions when you need to lose weight then falling back into bad habits after the diet is over.

What Your Body Needs

If you are doing a fitness workout, then you need to replenish your calories and get the right kind of calories.

Eating a pie before bed will be stored as fat, eating a pie after a workout will be used to replenish your energy and calories burned from the work out as your metabolic rate is much higher – this also explains why you may get drunk quicker if you have alcohol after a workout ;)

Of course a pie or alcohol are not the best examples as they have little or no nutritional value compared to the calories but the same principles apply. If you are doing a workout, depending on the type you may need to make sure you are getting enough protein or carbohydrates for you body to develop muscle tissue or to sustain you through a long endurance workout.

Different people need different nutrients for their lifestyle and any workouts they may be doing, if you are trying to lose weight only through diet and not through any exercise then you will not need as much protein as someone doing weight training.

You may find that if you are eating healthy nutrients it is hard to go over your recommended calorie allowance, especially if you are doing workouts where your calorie allowance will be higher. If you are not eating healthily you will continue to feel hungry even after your calorie allowance, you may lose weight but you will feel tired and your complexion and health will be affected if you continue this long term. It is also a lot harder to sustain and can affect your mood and in severe cases can contribute to depression.