Current weight: 201lbs
Current body fat: 18.1%
Weight gain this week: -1lb
Weight gain so far: 11lbs
LBM so far: Approx 14lbs

So I’ve been a bit slow in updating this week due to being busy, and unfortunately being ill. I’m currently writing this post while sat in bed under a duvet watching Deadliest Catch on the Discovery channel! The next update is definitely going to show weight loss thanks to this illness, but I’ll get to that next week. This week I had a DROP in weight! Ouch. Surprising really when considering how many calories I’ve been consuming, but I think this is largely due to the type of training I’m doing this cycle (10×10) and the addition of HIIT on my rest days. According to my measurements my body fat is the same, so I’m going to have to attribute the weight loss to muscle, however I definitely feel I’m losing fat. The picture above was taken with my iPhone, and it’s the first time I have seen my abs like that in a while which is definitely a good indicator that my body fat is going in the right direction.

Training last week was great, a big improvement on the first week of 10×10. Based on the previous weeks training I had a better idea of what weight to use for the exercises, and rather than completing the entire set of 10×10, in the final sets I only made 9, 8 and 8 reps. I also lowered the weight on some exercises such as dead lifts and bent over rows to ensure that I was using the correct form, as I worried both the tempo and form was becoming a bit sloppy on the heavier weights. I only had 2 HIIT training sessions this week rather than 3, and both were low impact variations using the Cross Trainer / Elliptical Trainer and they were proper killers. Next week I will be back to hill sprints, and I’m also going to change the leg workout. Currently the recommended leg day for 10×10 is dead lifts, but I’m feeling it more in my lower back and forearms. As this workout is shorter than the others I’m going to add in dumbbell jump squats for fun!

During the 10×10 training and HIIT I’ve been using a new iPhone app (which is free) called the GymBoss. It allows you to setup your own interval timers with different audio alerts for each interval, and this has been a really useful addition to my training. For example on 10×10, I set it up so that there is a 30 second window for me to complete my 10 reps, followed by a 90 second rest period, and this runs 10 times. This allows me to concentrate on my stretching and breathing in between sets without having to clock watch. I just wait for the alerts. It’s very cool and I highly recommend it.

My diet this week was really good, with an average of 3,400 – 3,600 clean calories per day and a 30/30/40 split of macro nutrients (protein/fat/carbs). I did however have a really bad 24 hours on Saturday-Sunday, as it was my wife’s 30th birthday party. We had 10 people staying over, and during the day we had pizzas and beer. In the evening I had a very healthy sea food dinner at Loch Fyne, however this was washed down with champagne and yet more beer. I then had a large mojito and some banoffee pie! It didn’t end there though, we then headed back to our house and the guys/gals separated up. The guys went into our old office to play poker, drink whisky and smoke cigars until the early hours of the morning. In total, MyFitnessPal thinks I had about 5,000 calories that day! Oops. But, a 30th birthday is a very special occasion and I was straight back on the wagon; after the full English I made for everyone on Sunday morning!

Next week is my last week of 10×10, and then it’s back to the first cycle of training. Much as I’m enjoying the 10×10 as a change, I’m looking forward to getting back into the main programme.