weight gain diary starting point

weight gain diary week 10

Current weight: 203lbs
Current body fat: 18.1%
Weight gain this week: 2lb
Weight gain so far: 13lbs
LBM so far: Approx 16lbs

So much to my surprise, this week I’ve increased my weight by 2lbs! The reason I was so surprised by this was because last week I was ill for about 5 days with a stomach flu. I tried to stay as hydrated as possible, but my calories were down to about 1,000 per day and they probably consisted of about 80% carbs. Being ill I also felt very weak, and didn’t attempt any workouts, so with only had one real workout last week, I wasn’t expecting good things on the scales! One thing about being ill though was that in a way, it gave my body a bit of rest from all the intense training and I caught up on a LOT of sleep, so perhaps that played a part.

As I’ve reached another milestone in my training programme, with the completion of the 2nd cycle I thought I would add in another progress photo with the comparison photo to the starting point. As always I’ve tried to make sure there is a lot of consistency between the photos for easy comparison!

I’ve definitely started noticing an increase in muscle density since working on the 10×10 programme, and I wonder if this is simply a natural progression of completing the 10th week of training, or if I respond better to a higher rep range. Next week I will be returning to my original training plan so I will keep a close eye on the results. I am definitely going to keep a higher rep range on my legs though, as they have felt much more fatigued in the 10×10. Rather than dropping down to sets with 2-4 and 1-2 reps, I’m going to reduce the weight slightly and try and keep in the 6-8 rep range.

I’m still carb cycling at the moment, taking in 3,600 clean calories on training days and 3,200 calories on non training days (a 100g / 400 calorie reduction in carbs). I’m also managing to keep my macro nutrients pretty close to the 30/30/40 split I’m aiming for (see below the graph taken from MyFitnessPal):

macronutrient split graph

I’ve also reduced a lot of the “white carbs” I used to eat, however I think I’m going to have to go back to white rice! For one, it cooks in less than half the time and I really don’t enjoy brown rice in quite the same way. No matter how long it’s cooked for it always seems… “crunchy”. Once this next bag is finished off I think the white Basmati will be back on the menu!

Looking at the picture comparison above, my body fat does look better although my face looks a bit bloated at the moment. I’m not really a fan of the fat face look! My body fat is still measuring around 18%, with individual caliper measurements being much lower on bicep, chest, suprailiac, thigh and calf regions. However the measurements are still high on abdominal, tricep, subscapular and lower back regions which is increasing the overall average.

Next week it’s back to the original programme (with a few minor tweaks), and I’m going to keep my current calorie consumption as it is as this seems to be working. I may also start the HIIT again on my off days.