hardgainer bicep

Current weight: 203lbs
Current body fat: 18.1%
Weight gain this week: 0lb
Weight gain so far: 13lbs
LBM so far: Approx 16lbs

This week my weight has stayed the same, which was kind of expected having had a big increase in the previous week. My overall body fat measurements are also still dropping, but the overall average is still coming in around 18.1%.  As mentioned previously, some areas are dropping quite a lot but others are remaining the same which is increasing the overall average.

This is my first week back to what I thought was the original cycle, although when I checked the training programme I realised that there were a few subtle differences.  This included the tempo of the lifts, variations of supersets, and some slight changes to the exercises (lucky I checked!).  I really found this type of training difficult again after doing the 10×10 for 3 weeks, which hopefully shows that my body had started to adapt to the higher volume training, and I felt really sore after some of the big workouts on the following day.

My diet was really good this week, although admittedly I was a bit short on calories on a few of the days, in particular on healthy fats (carbs and protein doesn’t seem to be an issue!). So I’ve started to ensure I’m eating plenty of healthy fats, by adding the following more regularly:

  • Pistachio nuts as a snack
  • Adding additional olive/ flaxseed oil on salads and rice
  • Avocados
  • More coconut milk (not just in Thai curry’s!)
  • Eating more oily fish (mainly mackerel – much to my wife’s displeasure, as she hates the smell of fish!)

Next week I’m going to start a new diet however.  The diet plan is good in the Anthony Ellis programme, but it’s probably the weakest part of it.  There’s some great information about planning, preparation, food types etc but there are definite gaps within it.  I have recently purchased the “Renegade Diet” by Jason Ferruggia which seems to be a take on intermittent fasting but tweaked for muscle building.  I really like a lot of what Jason says, and his Muscle Gain Secrets ebook was awesome so having a dedicated ebook just on diet is what I think I need to really support my training.  The diet is based on “building muscle and losing fat at the same time”, as opposed to the bulking and cutting mentality that I’m used to.  It means that gains will likely be much more gradual now, and I may even lose weight next week depending on how things turn out.

I’ve also recently purchased some “Fat Gripz” which will add a new element to my training.  These are rubber grips you place over the barbell/dumbbell to increase their thickness and help to increase grip strength.  I don’t know how this will work out yet, especially as I’m still using the NewGrip gloves but it will be interesting to see.