weight gain diary week 13

Current weight: 202lbs
Current body fat: 17.0%
Weight gain this week: 2lb
Weight gain so far: 12lbs
LBM so far: Approx 18lbs

Having not added a progress photo since week 10, I thought it was about time I added another one.  As you can see there is not a massive difference in my size since week 10, however I’ve only had a 2lb lean mass increase since then. I think the drop in body fat is noticeable though, especially around my abdomen and my face looks less… well… round and bloated!  Stepping on the scales this week, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen.  Using the Renegade Diet I lost 3lbs and 1% body fat last week, so I thought I might get another drop in weight as I stuck to the regime quite strictly. I also felt a little bit dehydrated in the morning of the weigh in, so I thought that might also play a factor.  However to my surprise I weighed in over 2lbs heavier, so I’m back up to 202lbs with a lean body mass increase of approx 18lbs since starting in January.

I’m getting used to the new diet now, and having filled in some of the gaps with my own assumptions I think it is working well.  I’m not following it verbatim, but I’m pretty strict with the foods I’ve been eating and it’s stopped me from snacking on “crap” during days at work.  I’ve also been trying some new foods listed in the diet which include curly kale (delicious!), as well as some old favourites such as asparagus, avocado, spinach and watercress. It’s hard to know if I feel much better as a result of the diet, as I’ve been fighting off a cold this week and my 1 year old son is teething which means our sleep is being interrupted.  However all in all… I feel good.

I’m really enjoying the heavy lifting cycle again at the moment, and I’m now beating some personal bests on the big compound movements.  I only performed one HIIT session this week, and this was due to fatigue and the unusual week with the Friday bank holiday.  My legs were destroyed after a heavy squat/lunges workout on Wednesday, and after an afternoon go-karting for our staff day out on Thursday I gave hill sprints a miss.  On Saturday I also skipped a potential HIIT session as it was the Easter holiday, and I thought I deserved a break!  Training started again on Easter Monday, and needless to say I was quite highly motivated after eating a LOT of chocolate on Easter Sunday.  This was mainly in the form of mini eggs (they really satisfied my sweet tooth!) which just tasted heavenly having not had any sugar in over 2 weeks.  In total I consumed an additional 1,200 calories on this day! Eeek!  But 6 good days out of 7 will hopefully stop this from causing me too many problems come next weigh day!

Next week I’m going to continue with the new diet and with my current workout plan which is still in the heavy lifting phase.  I started using Jack3d again on Monday too, and I can now safely say that this product is not a placebo!  More on that to follow in next weeks update.