hardgainer bicep

Current weight: 195lbs
Current body fat: 19.6%
Weight gain this week: 5lbs
Weight gain so far: 5lbs

Okay so the first week went pretty well! I was very surprised by the scales though, as I didn’t think I would have added much weight in the first week, however I weighed in 5lbs heavier and had a 1.4% reduction in body fat. The only thing I can attribute this to is my hydration levels. I was making sure I was drinking a lot of water (I drank a 2 litre bottle each day at work plus extra drinks in the morning, evening, post workout etc) so I may have got properly hydrated again after my illness, and the USN Muscle Fuel product I use has Creatine in it which may also have increased my water retention.

My workouts were good and were high intensity, although I had lost a lot of strength; most notably in my bench press and deadlift (about a 15% reduction in total weight for both). I really felt the pain in the supersets, and it was normally around day 2 after the workout that the worked muscle group was most sore. The first 2 workouts were in the evenings once my son had gone to bed at around 7.00pm. My Friday workout was at 6.30am in the morning as I knew were having people round on Friday evening (I didn’t want to be having a drink immediately after a workout!).

Thanks to some careful planning with my meals (I made a week’s supply on Sunday!) I didn’t really have any cravings which was good. I have a real sweet tooth at times, but eating every 3 hours seemed to stop me craving any junk or sweets. Here was a typical day for me:

Breakfast 7.30am:

  • 3 soft boiled eggs
  • Lactofree yoghurt
  • 350ml lactofree milk
  • 250ml fresh orange
  • Banana
  • Black coffee
  • CLA
  • Vitamin
  • BCAA

Mid morning meal 10.30am:

  • Apple
  • USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic
  • Black coffee

Lunch 1.30pm:

  • Homemade meatloaf (recipe courtesy of Muscle & Fitness)
  • Sugar snap pea pods
  • Clementine

Afternoon Meal 4.30pm:

  • Beef & broccoli stir fry (recipe courtesy of Muscle & Fitness)

Pre-workout 6.30pm:

  • Optimum Nutrition whey protein drink

Post-workout drink 8.00pm:

  • Optimum Nutrition whey protein drink

Evening Meal 8.30pm:

  • Thai chicken
  • Rice

Bedtime 9.30pm

  • CLA
  • Vitamin
  • BCAA
  • ZMA

On Friday night I did have quite a lot to drink which I kind of knew would happen. Here’s the damage:

  • 4 x Budweiser 330ml bottles
  • 2 x Rum Whisky
  • 1 x Rémy Martin VSOP cognac

Thankfully we didn’t break out the cigars, but we did end up having a late night takeaway! D’oh! Now in hindsight I should have ordered the chicken kebab (just chicken pieces on a skewer!) which is pretty healthy if you don’t eat the Naan bread and put mayonnaise on it. However, I ended up having a 9” Hawaiian pizza. These extra calories took me from 3,200 calories a day to approximately 4,657!!! Wow. But it’s just one day, and I got straight back on the wagon as of Saturday morning.

In fairness, my wife and I don’t have many nights out so this shouldn’t be a regular thing, but it’s not really what I wanted in my first week back on the diet. Next week I’m going to try and maintain my healthy eating, while also looking at building progressively on the weights I lifted last week. It will be interesting to see what happens with my weight and body fat, and next week I’ll make some decisions around keeping my calorie intake the same or making some amends as there appears to be some sort or anomaly in this week’s progress.