hardgainer bicep

Current weight: 197lbs
Current body fat: 19.6%
Weight gain this week: 2lbs
Weight gain so far: 7lbs

So this week I tipped the scales at 197lbs, a 2lb increase since last week. This is the kind of weight gain I was expecting (around 1-2lbs per week) so it looks like things are settling down now since being ill. Awesome. Although my body fat percentage is the same as last week I feel leaner, which may just be psychological, but my wife also seems to agree that I was looking a bit more defined.

I’ve had a few challenges with nutrition this week, mainly due to work commitments. Having a lot of meetings packed into a few days has made it difficult to try and eat well every 3 hours, even with planning and making my meals for the day in advance. As a result I’ve ended up having a protein bar or something similar in between meetings as opposed to a meal, which hasn’t been ideal and has ended up costing a bit more money than budgeted for!

Another challenge was the time of year… My family have also been suffering with colds, and although I’ve managed not to get a full blown cold myself, I’ve been a bit congested and hard a sore throat. Eating well and taking vitamins seems to have stopped me getting anything too nasty. I also feel worst first thing in the morning, and get gradually better as the day goes on. As I train in the evening, this has ensured that my training has still been good this week.

Finally, my carpal tunnel syndrome has been rearing its ugly head again. It’s not caused too many issues during the workouts, but it’s started keeping me up at night and I’ve been getting sharp pains and “pins and needles” in my finger tips while using a keyboard at work. Last time I had CTS, it took about 6 weeks of no weight training to get better so I’m hoping to nip it in the bud. Grip based exercises seem to aggravate it the most, so after some research I invested in some “NewGrip” gloves. I’ll see how these help this week.

However, challenges aside I think things have been going really well and I’m pleased with my progress at the end of week 2. I have been maintaining my current calorie intake at 3,200 calories per day, and I’ve been pretty close to a 30/30/40 split of protein/fats/carbs – normally it’s within a 2-4% range i.e. 32%/26%/42%. Now that I’m getting back into the habit of eating well in a good routine, I’m going to start making some further adjustments to improve my diet. As of Monday I’m going to remove all the “white foods” from my diet, which in my case mainly refers to potatoes and rice as I haven’t been eating any bread. These are going to be replaced with sweet potatoes and brown rice and may help to keep my body fat down during this programme.

My strength is definitely coming back too, which feels great. I’m still not back at my PBs from last year, but I finish each workout satisfied with the improvements from the previous week. I doubt my measurements have changed much yet, but my muscles feel denser and hard which is good. I’m looking forward to training hard again this week, and with a bit of luck, the NewGrip gloves will help with the niggling CTS issues I’m having.