Current weight: 199lbs
Current body fat: 19.6%
Weight gain this week: 2lbs
Weight gain so far: 9lbs

So now I’m 4 weeks in, I’ve decided to add a progress photo! There’s definitely subtle improvements compared to the starting photo; my arms have perhaps the most noticeable different and I generally look slightly buffer! Still a long way to go, but we’re only on week 4! I’ve also included a screenshot of my progress from the iPhone App I use called MyFitnessPal:

weight gain diary week 4 graph

This week things have been going much better, and I’ve had another steady and consistent increase in weight while maintaining my current body fat. I’ve also managed to shake off the niggling start of a cold, and my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (although still an irritation) has been much improved. I think that is down to ensuring I have regular breaks from typing at work as well as the use of the NewGrip gloves. The gloves have really helped take the pressure out of my wrist and hands for pushing exercises such as bench press, as well as taking a lot of the strain out of my grip for a range of exercises including wide grip chin ups, bent over barbell rows and deadlifts. For anyone thinking about getting some gloves, I can highly recommend these over any others I’ve tried.

My diet was much more consistent again this week, and not having any nights out meant that I didn’t really have a cheat day (although I did have some cookies on Fat Friday in the office!). As I’m nearly at the 200lb mark, I think it’s time to re-evaluate my calorie goals and add an extra 200 per day (currently I’m on 3,200 based on my original starting weight of 190lbs and a largely sedentary lifestyle). I’ll see how this works out, and maybe adjust it again depending on the results.

Training is currently going great, although I think I may be approaching the peak of this particular cycle. I’m now back up to a 220lb bench press, and I’m starting to get some new personal bests for a few of the main compound exercises. I’ve also made some slight modifications to the current Anthony Ellis program, including having a much higher reps routine for leg exercises. This is mainly due to the restrictions of working out from home, but also because I’ve personally found that growth in my legs has responded better in a slightly higher rep range.