hardgainer bicep

Current weight: 202lbs
Current body fat: 19.6%
Weight gain this week: 3lbs
Weight gain so far: 12lbs

This week I experimented with a change in calories increasing them from 3,200 to 3,400 as zeroed in on the 200lbs mark. As a result I had a significant weight gain of 3lbs which I’m not particularly happy with as this is too much, and suggests I’m adding fat and muscle. I’m not going for completely lean gains, but I want to keep my fat level as low as possible if I can help it! I may reassess my calories again for next week.

Overall my diet was pretty good until Friday and Saturday! Friday is “Fat Friday” and I tend to have this as a cheat day if I need it, but I went a little overboard. Not only did I enjoy some banned foods such as fizzy drinks and chocolate, but I also had some Krispy Kreme donuts in the office!! Aye aye aye. Needless to say I regretted it as soon as I slowly devoured the last one. On a plus point, my body seemed to want to reject that much sugar having been denied it for so long, and I felt really sick for a couple of hours afterwards, so hopefully that’s not something I’m going to do again for a long time.

Saturday night was date night, so it had potential to be a bad time for the diet too, however I ended up eating pretty well with an amazing Chateaubriand steak that I shared with the wife. Downers included the homemade style side of fries which had an outrageous amount of salt on them, but we’re damn tasty.
My training this week had mixed results. I got some new personal bests, but I also underperformed on a few sets of arm exercises later in the week. I think this may be because of lifting heavier weights on other exercise at the start of the routine, and as a result, my arms are more fatigued before starting the sets.

I’ve also been tempted with an additional supplement. It’s called Jack3d, and it’s a nitric oxide product by USP Labs which was recommended by one of my friends. I’ve been told about the benefits of nitric oxide for years, but never actually used it. Well, I ordered some from BodyShapersFitness on Friday, so when it arrives I’ll see what all the fuss is about!

Overall a good week, but I now have extra motivation after my fat days!