hardgainer bicep

Current weight: 201lbs
Current body fat: 19.6%
Weight gain this week: -1lb
Weight gain so far: 11lbs

This week was my best yet in terms of training and diet. I knocked my daily calories back down to 3,200 however and I’ve ended up losing a pound this week! 3,200 did seem low, however my lifestyle is fairly sedentary because of my style of work, and with gaining 3lbs last week at 3,400 I thought I may have increased them too soon. My body fat also seems lower this week and I feel more defined, however measurements are seemingly the same at 19.6%.

My diet has been spot on this week; no cheat days and I’ve been hitting my calorie targets easily and getting pretty close to my required ratio of macros.

I also received the new supplement mentioned in Weight Gain Diary #7, Jack3d. I’ve now used it 3 times, and to be honest, I’m not completely convinced. In the reviews and word of mouth recommendations I had, people talked about a tingling sensation after taking it, extreme pumps during a workout, focused training and loads of endurance yada yada yada. I didn’t really experience any of that, although it was another week of getting lots of personal bests. For example I benched 238lbs, performed 11 wide grip pull ups in a single set, performed 18 parallel dips in a single set etc. Whether this is due to the aid of a supplement or just the natural progression of the training remains to be seen, however I have only been taking a single scoop. The recommendation is to use 1-3 scoops 45 minutes prior to the workout, so I’ll start increasing my dose and see what happens.

I’m looking forward to the coming week, which is now the last week in this particular cycle before switching to the 10×10 training. Calories are going back up to 3,400 too so hopefully I’ll see an increase in weight again.