weight gain diary starting point
weight gain diary week 7

Current weight: 202lbs
Current body fat: 19.6%
Weight gain this week: 1lb
Weight gain so far: 12lbs

As this is my last week in this cycle before switching to the 10×10 routine, I thought I would add another progress photo. I’ve also included the photo from week 1 so you can see a comparison of the progress I’ve made in the last 7 weeks. Overall I’m pretty pleased with the results. Seeing myself every day I hadn’t really noticed much of a change aside from feeling much stronger, but looking at these photos together I can see some good improvements! I’m definitely getting there!

This week I had a 1lb increase in weight, which makes me wonder if it was just an anomalous result in Weight Gain Diary #6 when I added 3lbs (that was also my terrible week with the donuts!). So I’m going to continue at 3,400 for now. My body fat is still measuring the same, but again I feel like I am losing some fat, but perhaps it’s just me.

Training went really well again this week, particularly with my leg workouts. I was performing trisets of Bulgarian Split squats (with a barbell), with supersets of leg extensions and leg curls, which left me with difficulty walking for a good few minutes after my workout. I also had a training partner for one night which was refreshing. The workout took a lot longer than normal, perhaps just over an hour and half (normally I’m finished in about 50 minutes) because I was showing him the form on moves he hadn’t done before such as the barbell snatch. However, having him around also meant I had a spotter so I could lift heavier than I have before, and as he’s fit and strong, there’s an element of healthy competition there too which is great. He has since invited me to join him on one of this kettlebell training sessions, however I think I’m going to leave it for the time being just because it will definitely interfere with my current routine.

I tried having a slightly higher dose of the Jack3d (now at 1.5 scoops), and I did notice a definite improvement in endurance, but again it’s so difficult to know if this is natural progression, a result of the supplement or even a placebo effect. I’m still to be convinced.

Diet wise, things could have been better. I need to be more organised in the morning to get a hearty, protein filled breakfast and I’m starting to get really fed up with eggs all the time. I’ve also been having little odds and ends, like a biscuit during a client meeting, or a can of relentless which is daft really. I need more will power.

Next week 10×10 begins I’m really looking forward to this, much as I’ve been enjoying the current cycle. I’m also going to integrate some HIIT (high intensity interval training) as a cardio routine on my off days during this period to increase my fitness and hopefully shed a bit of bodyfat. Hill sprints are first on the cards, and I haven’t decided what the others will be just yet. It’s going to be fun getting back in to some cardio though after purposely avoiding it for the last 7 weeks!