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Everyone seems to be feeling the pinch at the moment, but this shouldn’t be an excuse not to workout. I myself have made these kind of excuses in the past, but there are a lot of clever ways of getting a good workout without the need to purchase expensive gym memberships or masses of equipment. Excellent cardio wokouts can be had by performing back to back plyometric exercises with short rest periods inbetween (check out the P90X plyometric workout for a killer workout with no need for any equipment).

For those looking to build muscle, you really can get away with just a few simple inexpensive items. The minimum would be a set of dumbbells and a pull up bar, which will enable you to a huge range of resistance movements. The pull up bar can be used to recruit a lot of muscle fibres for building muscle in your back and arms, as well as hardcore movements such as hanging leg raises for your abdominals. The dumbbells will enable you to do lots of isolation moves such as bicep curls, but also some really good compound moves such as squat thrusts. There are tons of really good HIT and circuit training routines available online using just these 2 items, and these programmes get really good results.

After a workout, I love to take an immediate post workout protein shake to instantly provide all the muscle building fuel my body needs. Supplements take up a huge amount of my monthly budget, but there are again lots of recipes online for homemade protein shakes. Now some of these are pretty good, my only issue with these is that they take time and preparation (or at least some pre-planning!) which takes away the convenience factor I like about supplements. After all they are “supplements” and not crucial to your success.

If you have any other tips for working out on a budget, feel free to comment below and join in!