Zumba Fitness

Over the past few years, Zumba has taken the UK by storm, turning boring work out routines into a fun dance party. Whether you go to a Zumba class or use an at home Zumba routine the results speak for them selves, so why is Zumba so good?

Zumba was incorporated in the early 2000′s when dance instructor and founder, Alberto ‘Beto’ Perez forgot his normal music for an exercise class and improvised with his own Salsa style music. From this serendipitous event Zumba was born and made exercise classes more fun.

Exercise has the fortunate side effect of releasing serotonin and endorphins which make you feel happier and create a sense of well being, this is one reason why exercise from a gentle walk to a marathon is great. The added fun element of a dance party in Zumba has contributed to this effect and made a daunting aerobics class something to look forward to.

Zumba isn’t just a fun dance class, the moves originally influenced by salsa also work various parts of the body and all the moves help balance, coordination and work your core muscles to help you get the tummy and waist you dreamed of. This kind of exercise and movement is actually more effective in sculpting a toned tummy than thousands of sit ups and a lot more fun. Combining these moves with energetic dance means you are increasing your heart rate into fat burning zones as well as cardio vascular zones so before you know it you are actually getting fit doing something enjoyable.

Zumba is a fantastic workout for women and once you start to feel the moves are too easy you can add dumbbell/shakers to add weight to your workouts and tone your arms even more. The only downside to this workout is if you are already fit it can be quite easy but the fun makes up for it.