I was recently reminded of the Paul Newman film “Cool Hand Luke”, in particular the scene where he was challenged to eat 50 boiled eggs in one hour. Aside from being completely insane (please do not try this at home), as I sometimes struggle to eat 3-4 hard boiled eggs in one sitting, I was curious as to the nutritional information of this meal and if it was actually possible! Assuming the eggs were large, it would look something like this:

Calories:  3,500
Total Fat:  250g
Protein:  300g
Carbs:  50g
Cholesterol:  9,750mg
Sodium:  3,250mg

Crazy, I’m sure you’ll agree.

I hadn’t seen the film for a long time, so I had a quick look on YouTube to see if I could find the clip. What I actually found was a series of different “Cool Hand Luke Challenge” videos where people tried to replicate the challenge in 30 minutes with disastrous consquences! Be warned that the following video is pretty disgusting, and proves that this is really a “movie magic” moment. I think the best attempt was 25 eggs, with the worst being about 11 before they basically barf everywhere! If anyone has a weak stomach, do not watch these Jackass style idiots passed the 2 minute mark, it will just make you heave…