This is a guest post written by Julie Brealy, the owner of Brealy Bootcamps, which runs women only fitness bootcamps.

If you are wondering just what these sorts of bootcamps are all about, then read on because they may prove to be of huge interest to you.

Fitness expert Julie Brealy from Brealy Bootcamps explains: “Women-only fitness bootcamps can prove really useful for whether you just what to increase your fitness levels, lose weight, or are feeling tired, stressed and in need of a break where you can focus on healing yourself and your body”.

She advises that when considering attending a fitness camp, women should look for those that offer a holistic approach towards things such as:

  • understanding foodstuffs;
  • your body’s use of food as a fuel;
  • how to eat in an optimum fashion for your body to obtain the energy it needs;
  • how to exercise in order to keep your body fit and healthy;
  • understanding behaviours – so why you reach for a chocolate bar /glass of wine in times of stress – and challenging those behaviours.

She also recommends checking out the credentials of the Team behind the camp to ensure they are fully qualified and experienced.
Unfortunately, the ideal concept (as described above) is not one that you’ll find in all bootcamps, some of which may offer a very different experience. This means that if you are interested in the idea of a fitness camp, you really need to get to grips with what exactly it is that you are looking for.

Some of the major differences could take the form of:

    • higher participant to tutor ratios – one tutor to 40 attendees is not as rare as it perhaps should be;
    • little in the way of physical assessments being carried out to determine ability levels;
    • scant attention being paid to end goals – not everyone has the same aims in attending a camp and while some may see their visit as the first step to running a marathon, not all have this aim and may just want to be a bit fitter and healthier;
    • little emphasis being put on the longer term – if you feel that you would like some on-going support, you may well have to look out for camps who also feel that this is an integral part of your and their success criteria;
    • camps run by women and for women, can mean that some of the female-specific issues associated with body management and exercise are at the forefront of everyone’s attention.

Bootcamps can be a one-off answer to all of your dietary and fitness issues. Some may be more successful than others though by helping to empower you to take a greater control over aspects of your lifestyle that might be damaging to you.

That is something that might prove to be extremely important to you in future.