April Fools day is always popular in the media, but this year there were 2 in particular that we at Fitness 101 found within the health and fitness industry. What made them most amusing was that a few people clearly didn’t read them properly and assumed they were real which lead to some heated comments or embarrasing moments on social media.

Bodybuilding.com – Don’t squat

Bodybuilding.com is a great online resource for health, fitness and training advice. The name of the website is perhaps becoming a little misleading as it doesn’t focus purely on becoming the next Ronnie Coleman, but has a very wide and varied user base. On the website the fitness experts regularly talk about the benefits of squats (something often under-used as men in particular focus on their upper bodies), with many citing that if you could only do one exercise, it should be squats. You can imagine the uproar that happened when they pushed out their latest article about why you shouldn’t squat, and listed 9 reasons why they were bad for you.

You can view the post here: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/10-reasons-squats-are-a-terrible-exercise.html


MyProtein – Protein Beer

MyProtein are certainly diversifying their product range, selling items such as protein cookies, egg whites, peanut butter and beef jerky; but I’m sure even they would draw the line at protein beer! Quoting Arnie, the description read:

In the words of Arnie, “Milk is for babies. When you grow up you have to drink beer.” (Pumping Iron, 1977). Not only have we listened to Arnie, but we have developed the world’s first high protein beer. Using specially refined high protein hops and malted barley our unique Protein Beer means you can increase your protein intake while you relax and enjoy and ice cold beers.

Quite a few people suspected it was real, and there was even some hints of disappointment that a beer could contain 25g protein per bottle and still be 5% ABV!

The product is still listed here: http://www.myprotein.com/sports-nutrition-nc/protein-beer/10792255.html