A few weeks ago we wrote about about our album of the week, The workout by Stic.Man. We had some good feedback from it so we thought we’d make another recommendation, although it’s worth pointing that a few girls commented that the Stic.Man album was a bit male orientated. I’m inclined to agree, although I did buy the “baby fat” on iTunes for my wife!

This week I bought the new Rudimental album, Home. I know a lot of people really like the track “Feel the love”, and we recently posted the video to the song “Waiting all night” on our Facebook page (we’ve also added it below because it’s so cool). I know it’s not workout themed but it’s a great song to workout to, and the video is very inspirational. It features Kurt Yaeger, BMX champion who became an amputee following an accident. The music video follows him from the action through to a rehab and eventually riding again.

The songs are all fast moving and I don’t think there is any bias to male or female on this! I would consider this to be a more traditional dance music theme that you would expect to hear in the background of a gym. Despite my generalisation as “dance music”, they are known as a Drum & Bass quartet that have been popular since 2012 when “Feel the love” was first released. The new album, Home, came out on Monday. I can highly recommend it.