This is an interesting, albeit somewhat jittery video about steroid use in the UK. As appearance and concern around self image becomes more and more important with younger generations of men, not just women, research has found that steroid use is on the rise. In the same way that women feel under pressure to be thin, a lot of young men are feeling similar pressures to have big muscles. Often they are not prepared to put in the necessary work, or haven’t done the right research into the right eating and training regimes to get the results naturally. Additionally, the pressure to look good makes them look for shortcuts to the results they want.

Side effects of steroid use include:

  • Spots / acne
  • Difficulty controlling your temper
  • Erection problems, leading to impotency
  • Rage; also frequently referred to in slang as “roid rage”
  • Obesessive behaviour
  • Irritable mood
  • Depression
  • Additional stress
  • Premature balding
  • Heart and kidney problems

The video also highlights the issues with infection of injection zones causing absesses in the muscles that need treatment. Many users are often unaware of the extent of the side effects due to the stigma associated with the use of the drug. Others simply aren’t put off enough to be concerned about the long term effects on their body. Users also seem to end up taking a cocktail of drugs to reverse or treat some of the side effects.

Because of the increase in demand on the black market, users are turning to the internet to buy the drugs online. This in itself can be very dangerous as they end up buying conterfeit products and don’t know what it is they are actually putting into their body. Although it is not illegal to buy or use steroids for personal use, it is illegal to sell them in the UK. In the video some purchased products arrive from Slovakia, and the unlabelled products are sent off to lab. The results are interesting, and very concerning (watch from 26:10 in the video to see the results).