Recently I have been introducing additional egg whites into my diet. Although typically when I eat an egg I will eat it whole including the yolk, having the option to have a few additional egg whites for the additional protein, without the extra calories from the yolk seemed like a good way to supplement my diet. I wasn’t particularly sure of the best way to separate them, and I watched a few videos online of these well practised individuals that could quickly crack an egg in half, and separate the egg white into a bowl while keeping the yolk within the remaining shell. Impressive stuff, but when I tried it I made a bit of a mess and ended up with some additional shell in my bowl that I wasn’t too happy about!

I then read a post by one of my friends on Facebook, who had brought in a tub of hard boiled eggs for a snack at work. He also ate some of the eggs whole, but using a knife and fork he would chop some of the eggs in half and easily remove the yolk with a fork! Genius. Although this doesn’t really solve the problem if you’re looking to make i.e. an egg white omelette, it helped me tremendously so I was keen to share it.

I was also recommended cartons of liquid egg whites available at companies like MyProtein, and even local supermarkets such as Tesco’s. Although in theory these sounds great (and are often quite cost effective) for me personally, the shelf life once opened was too short unless I deciced I wanted to eat double figures of eggs whites per day; which I don’t.