Summer is coming and once again the local gyms and sports centres are getting busy while members ramp up their activity to try and get in shape for the hot weather and holidays abroad. Getting kitted up for the gym and looking good can be an expensive affair; it’s surprising how a few pairs of tops, t-shirts, hoodies and pants can all add up. However there are cheaper alternatives which will help you look good without impacting on your wallet.

Clothing provider L&J says:

“There are some great deals to be had online, especially if you know the right places to look.”

Most people make the mistake of buying their clothing from the big chains, and well known highstreet and online stores. You will pay a premium on these items for the big brands. However there are a lot of local and smaller retailers that have ecommerce websites, and there are where the best deals can be had. You can check out the collection of sports clothing at L&J.

L&J are actually a workwear company, however they also sell their products directly to the public and general consumers. You can place an order online without needing to be a business or to use it for work. They provide well known brands like American Apparel and Cooltex which are very popular, high quality clothing items which cost about a third of what you would normally expect to pay.


Working out and keeping fit shouldn’t be a fashion competition, however for those lacking confidence, feeling good about how you look in the gym can be beneficial. It doesn’t have to cost the earth to get kitted up with the right gym gear, and it will provide motivation to get stuck in and progress towards your fitness goals.