Pumping Iron was a cult classic movie, that is still popular even today, featuring the top bodybuilders of the era (including Arnold Schwarzenegger) in the road to the Olympia. Another bodybuilding movie/documentary seemed long overdue, so many we’re ecstatic to here that the same producers were creating a new movie called Generation Iron. You can see the trailer below.

Narrated by Mickey Rourke, the documentary follows some of the most popular bodybuilders in the Olympia, including Phil Heath, Kai Greene, Branch Warren, Ben Pakulski, Roelly Winklaar, Dennis Wolf and many more. For bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, the film provides fantastic motivation and footage of their favourite competitors they wouldn’t otherwise see. For everyone else, this provides a fascinating insight into the life of a professional bodybuilder.

Also featured in the documentary are interviews and commentary with many other professionals and ex-competitors, including Jim Stoppani, Layne Norton, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno to name just a few.

This is a great film, and regardless of your background I think you will find this interesting and an enjoyable watch. The DVD has been out in the UK since May 2014. Check it out!