multipower-fit-protein-flavours We always recommend supplementing your diet with a quality Whey Protein, especially if you’re training hard at the gym. Protein is important to help maintain lean muscle during dieting, as well as increasing muscle mass. There are many different types of Whey Protein products, that have different ratio’s of macro nutrients depending on their recommended use. Multipower Fit Protein is a ready-to-drink (RTD) protein-carbohydrate blend that makes it the perfect product to take post workout. I don’t normally use RTD products, however I’ve been using Multipower Fit Protein shakes for the last few weeks for convenience and it’s been an eye opening experience. There is a lot to be said for not carrying around a shaker all day, having to fill it with water after your workout and wash it when you get home. I wouldn’t like to think how many times I have forgotten to wash my shaker and I’ve then been faced with what can only be described as the toxic aftermath that I’ve had to deal with the following morning. Multipower Fit Protein also has a great profile as a post workout product compared with a regular protein, which I will explain.

Multipower Fit Protein: Ingredients

First lets take a look a the nutritional information:

  • 421 calories
  • 53g protein
  • 50g carbohydrates
  • - of which sugars: 50g
  • 1g fat
  • - of which saturates: 0.5g
  • 0.4g sodium
  • 1.2mg vitamin B6

This product contains a whopping 53g of protein, which should be more than enough for even the largest individuals needs. This protein is 80% milk protein (caseine), which is a high quality, slow digesting time release protein. There are no fillers or low quality ingredients such as collagen used to bump up the total. There is also 50g of carbohydrates from a fast digesting and easily available source, making it perfect to assist with post workout recovery and assist with nutrient uptake. Additionally this product contains only 1g of saturated fat in the entire bottle! The total calories for this product are high at 421 (there is a small variation in total calories between flavours) which is great for those looking to build size, but perhaps worth considering how much of your total daily calories this will take up if you’re on a calorie restricted diet. At 0.4g sodium per serving, this is a high sodium product (2.4g is the recommended maximum per day) however most protein shakes are like this. Sodium intake can also be higher if you have trained hard or sweated a lot and will need to be replenished. However you may want to consider checking your overall total for the day from the rest of your diet. Finally, Multipower have included 1.2mg of vitamin B6 in their product. Research has shown that the B vitamin family plays a large role in protein synthesis. B vitamins can help your body metabolise proteins into amino acids, the building blocks of new protein in your body i.e. new muscle!

Multipower Fit Protein: The taste

One of the great thing about RTD products is that they typically taste a lot better than the powdered counterparts. There are no problems with mix-ability, gritty textures, clumps of protein etc. Simply give the bottle a quick shake, twist off the lid and you’ve got a great tasting premium product. I have now tried all four flavours available, and although taste is very subjective I think they all very nice and enjoyable. Of course some flavours are better than others. Here is my opinion on them:

  • Chocolate – In most cases this is my “go to” flavour, and safe bet! This was a very creamy and tasty milk chocolate shake.
  • Strawberry – This reminds me of a Nesquick style strawberry flavour.
  • Banana – Surprisingly nice, it was very sweet but it wasn’t sickly. It was refreshingly different!
  • Vanilla – Vanilla flavours can vary between brands, but this was enjoyable. It reminded me of a “cold custard” flavour.

Although I enjoyed all the flavours, I actually alternate between the chocolate and banana flavours. A chocolate banana flavour would be ideal for me!

Multipower Fit Protein: Value for money

Compared to the powdered proteins, RTDs are going to seem very expensive per serving. However when you consider the amount of protein and carbohydrates per serving it’s actually not as much as you might think. A bottle of Fit Protein will cost between £2.50 and £3.50 depending on where you buy it from. If you were to make your own i.e. 2 servings of a Whey Protein, with a a carbohydrate powder like vitargo, you would be close to £2.00 for a serving. Now if you think about the convenience factor, and that each bottle of Fit Protein is in a large glass bottle, it actually feels like very good value for money. Compared to other RTD brands, Multipower Fit Protein typically comes in around a £1 cheaper than most of the major brands.

Multipower Fit Protein: Results

So I’ve been using Multipower Fit Protein post workout for the last few months. I find it easy to drink, and I do look forward to it after a hard workout. It’s difficult to say what results I’ve achieved from using this product as there are so many variables that change in my diet and training. That being said, I have continued to lose body fat during the last few weeks and I have felt like I have recovered quickly from my workouts – and some of them were fairly brutal! I’m impressed with this product and I will continue to use it. I have scored it accordingly below, getting four stars for everything, with five stars for quality.