Smart phones, pedometers, fitness bands…etc etc, as technology is adapting we are finding more and more ways to use it and apply it to fitness trends.

Following on from our top fitness apps article we are now looking at the most popular fitness devices in the industry, these can be used by anyone from your hard core athlete to your Nan wanted to do her minimum steps a day. Fitness is becoming more and more far reaching and with devices that can help you track your progress it is easier to manage your training and diet.

Wearable tech and mobile have come to fitness, and why not? It makes sense that in an active environment you don’t want to be tied to a static device.

Top 5 wearable Tech pieces for Fitness


 The Pebble Watch


Although the new Pebble Steel has been released I still prefer the original version for value, although some people argue the Pebble steel is more stylish. The Pebble Watch is waterproof, it easily runs a lot of apps, and connects with iOS and Android phones. It doesn’t have a touch screen which takes some getting used to and it is a bit more prone to scratches than the new Pebble Steel but certainly good value for money.
The Pebble Watch is the best fitness device that has other purposes and good value, for a bit more money, style and durability then the Pebble Steel is a winner.


Fitness Devices Fitbit_Zip

Specifically designed for fitness the Fitbit Zip tracks steps, calories, and connects to PCs and smartphones. The fitbitZip doesn’t measure sleep and will only connect to Samsung Galaxy phones so if you have an ipohne or other brand you are stuck. However it is one of the most affordable devices on the market and is water resistant. It also links to Fitbit’s powerful fitness analysis tools in the cloud. We think the FitBitZip is the best device for under £50.00

Jawbone Up24

Fitness Devices Jawbone Up24

The Jawbone Up24 is easy-to-use and counts steps, sleep, and calories. Water-resistant, light, and comfortable to wear the Jawbone Up24 is a favourite amongst runners and athletes. The device syncs with iPhones and Android phones using Bluetooth. The Jawbone Up24 does not have a screen so it is difficult to quickly check your progress, but if this doesn’t bother you then the Up24 is our favourite for comfort.

 Withings Pulse o2

Fitness Device Withings Pulse o2

The Withings Pulse o2 is an excellent pedometer,  and affordably priced it is limited in that it struggles to read your hear rate with the band on and it isn’t water resistant but it is the cheapest on the market and one of the first on the market. This is our favourite device for noobs who don’t want to invest too much but want to keep track of activity.

Martian Notifier

Martian notifier

The affordable Martian Notifier is great for smartphone alerts and has classic analog style for a fashionable look. The Notifier connects to both iOS and  Android devices, however it isn’t great at charging.
The watch isn’t water resistant but is splashproof. It is a good price and great for getting alerts. This is our favourite for the more fashion conscious fitness enthusiast.