Sitting down can damage your health permanently, physically and mentally, due to the lack of pressure on your joints. The lack of pressure sounds like it could be good for you but in fact you need this pressure to be able to survive healthily.

I go to the Gym

Sitting down at work for 8 hours a day then going to the gym to work out is not enough to make up for a sedentary lifestyle. Going to the gym is a great activity but more movement is needed throughout the day to compliment and assist your workouts.

Imagine when you’re at the gym and you’re at the peak of your fitness, doing weights will maintain your body and keep you strong were as doing nothing will make you weak again. Well, in theory it is the same for your skeleton and this means that the benefits of hard labour or even standing up are endless, where as sitting rids you of this.

Many believe that simply going to the gym for a hour a day in the evening doesn’t heal this damage as its unfixable. Unlike your muscles, once your skeletons weaken they won’t go strong again. This is why when you were in high school there would always be that one guy who had a broken arm or leg all the time. He would be the guy who played in on video games a lot and when he did go out he would break a bone on the smallest of bumps.

How much activity do I need?

The average teenager sits or lies down for around 20 hours a day rather than the recommended 11. This means that they start the bad habits early and it effects them gravely in later life.

Schools are advised to be able to give students a break when working and some colleges in the UK have adopted this, giving the students the opportunity to get up for a few minutes and walk to a toilet or the vending machine for a drink after being in the class room for longer than a hour. This is good as it is recommended that if you work for more than a hour sitting down you should take a 3 minute break every hour. However, we know sometimes that people can’t always do this if they are in a meeting or something else it could look strange. It is also recommended to teenagers that when they are waiting for the adverts on TV to finish or there game to load that they stand up and stretch to be able to get the good habits in motion before they grow up. This will again aid them in later life.

As for adults, it has been recommended that you do at least 30 minutes of moderate for every hour at the desk. If you don’t have time for that its advised to do 15 minutes of intensive exercise to be able to get the same amount of calories burnt. This is due to your calories only being burnt at one calorie a hour when sat down. This is the main reason that it is though that sitting down for more than 12 hours a day is worse for you than smoking when it comes to the chances of cancer and heart related illness’.

Sitting leads to obesity

The Theory is there, but what about the actual cold hard facts behind it? Well, when you’re sat down your enzymes shut down by 90% causing fat and glucose build ups. insulin can also shut down after a long period of time, also up to a excessive 90%. The Skeleton weakening is due to it not being used properly and can be weakened further by fidgeting to keep it moving. A shaking leg or tapping a pen or any other small movements will keep your body moving and the skeleton at work in low pressures leading to arthritis or RSI.

Some people believe all this to be a myth but all it takes is a look at the work force of the UK in the 1900′s and I can guarantee that you will struggle to see an obese worker in group photos. Look below, this generation never sat down in the work place for longer than 10 minutes and this is a whole village. There is only one person in the whole village even looks slightly overweight. Back then people used to stand up and not be anchored to a desk wasting away. Be smart and ditch your sedentary lifestyle.


Even the smallest of changes can help. Examples of this could be either getting a standing desk to work up right or making teas and coffees for staff every so often so you have a excuse to stretch your legs without standing out. Just subtle things like this could help you a lot in later life.


What do you think about this theory? Please let us know in the comments.